Welcome to Rhythm Productions, a Video Production company focused on creating solutions to help business owners grow, thrive and succeed through video.


We unlock the full potential of this powerful tool to solve a variety of different challenges beyond just marketing. 

Effective video solutions are more than just setting up a camera and a light, it's having a clear goal and strategy for the project. This strategy drives every element of the process from pre production, to shooting, to post production and is what makes or breaks a project. Every aspect from our initial meeting to the final output format is done very deliberately to achieve the desired results. 


We invite you to take the time to fill out our Discovery Form below, to start the process.

The Process


Preliminary Discovery

Through our Discovery Form (Below), is where we get to know about you and your business. It's our window in to your world so we can make the most of our time during the Discovery Meeting.

Discovery Meeting

Here we will drill down to the core of your business to identify and strategize solutions to your growth, thriving and success. What sets us apart is this proven process of diagnosing your business, on a deep level, to solve challenges with the power of video. 


After agreeing on a strategy, budget and deposit; we will set to work on developing the framework into a detailed strategy for success. This is where the storyboard, shot list and other details are hammered out to set up the production day(s) for success. 


Production Day!

This is where all the Pre-Production work pays off. Having a defined storyboard, shot list and strategy will help things go smoothly and keep the time spent on site to a minimum. 


Here is where we craft all of the bits and pieces of video taken on Production Day into a compelling and effective video. 


Your video is provided to you via a simple download link, however this is not where it ends with us! We make clients for life and are there to help you implement your video properly to get the most out of your investment. 


For June Only - $499


  • a 1-hour video shoot

  • an on-camera interview with a company representative

  • a small amount of raw video shot around the business

  • video editing

  • Up to 1 Minute produced video

Helping you restart your business 

To help local business who are restarting after being closed or running reduced services during the lockdown, I am offering a reduce rate video that is easy on the budget but will still help you connect to the community to let everyone know you are back and what you are up to. Details in the post description. 

(Limited bookings available)