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Helping Share and Preserve your story through video


story /ˈstôrē/  (noun)

Why is this simple word so important?

Storytelling forges connections among people, and between people and ideas. Stories convey the culture, history, and values that unite people.



Since 2018 I have been helping the community share and preserve its story.

I have found video to be a profound and powerful tool to help the community grow through the unique way it conveys each story.


As a business, the highest level of marketing is one that creates a connection to potential customers leading them to a place where they feel good in reaching out to you. That connection is created through story.


As a community,  It's so important to not only share recent events but preserve our history, culture and values as video is a timeless media to capture these stories


If you have a story that should be captured, reach out to me using the form below. 

Family Work

  • Legacy Video (Documentary)

    • At best, we may have a few pictures of our Great Grandparents. We only get to know them through memories passed down from generation to generation.
      But what if you could virtually meet them and have them personally tell you all about their life, their achievements, family history and the wisdom they gained over a lifetime? Imagine future generations getting to know them by seeing them and hearing them speak. 
      This will be an heirloom that will be greatly cherished and passed down through generations to come. 

    • Done in a documentary style, research will be done to capture as much family history as possible. 

    • Photos and video (if available) will also be incorporated into the documentary to help detail their stories and preserve those pieces of family history. 

  • Guided Photo Album Video

    • Have your photo album digitized and narrated by your loved one. As each image appears in the video, your loved one will there be there as a voice-over to tell the story behind that particular image. This is a great option for those wanting to preserve their family history but are not comfortable on camera. ​

    • Also a great idea for family events such as weddings. If you had loved ones that were not able to attend, you can now narrate your album through video and virtually walk them through your special day!



  • Audio Interview with your loved one (In-Person or Remote)

  • Digitization of your photos

  • Licensed background Music

  • 1 video delivered electronically 

  • Event Live Streaming

    • During these challenging times where attendance to weddings, funerals and other family events is limited, video and/or live streaming are great options to include your friends and family in your family events... Wi-Fi not needed as long as the location has cell reception. Power is also not required as a portable PA (Microphone and Speaker) can be supplied for the event.   ​

  • Celebration of Life video.

    • With COVID reducing attendance to Celebration of Life ceremonies and Funerals, video is a powerful way to be able to include friends and family who are not able to attend. The ceremony will be professionally recorded and items like slideshows, memorabilia tables and brochures can be edited into the final video so nothing is missed. Planning a remote event? No problem! Power is not required as a portable PA (Microphone and Speaker) can be supplied for the ceremony. 

Community Work

Brands I have helped

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