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Attention: Vic Klassen (VP Hospitality and Marketing)

                  H&H Total Care Services

        Thank you for the opportunity to build on our success at The Hamlets at Vernon and create marketing content for the 3 Alberta locations (Red Deer, Deer Park, Cedarwood Station).

        This new promotional media will bring fresh and exciting insight into the incredible service, dedication and amenities that life at The Hamlets offers. We would be creating media that has already been effective in Vernon: Engaging potential residents by highlighting the experience and lifestyle of each location, and promoting the residence to the community.



Project Details 


  • Connect viewers to The Hamlet's locations

    • Create a positive first impression

    • Continue to launch #HamletsFamily campaign across the organization

    • Highlighting the lifestyle so they can see what living at The Hamlets is like

    • Humanizing the staff so they can feel the care and attention they will be receiving

    • Generate curiosity to want to see more

  • Showcase each location

    • detail the features and benefits of each location​​ 

    • Update each site's website and social media with new ​pictures


      From our conversation, we have identified 2 very specific goals: Connect viewers and Showcase each location. The best way to achieve these goals is a 2 video approach. 1 Video will be a connection piece and the second will focus on selling the features and benefits of the residence.


       This 2 video system allows the connection piece to not have any sales elements attached to it.

A connection piece relies wholly on honesty and authenticity, as soon as you try to enter sales into that equation, it raises people's guards and they tend to shut down. 

       The Features and benefits video will focus on selling the amenities and services of each location. This  video will be a narrated virtual tour of the property. 

        In addition, new pictures would be taken of the interior and exterior of each property to update their websites.

Deliverables Details

1) The Connection video

          As noted above, the intended purpose of this video is to create a positive first impression of The Hamlets by creating an emotional connection through promoting the staff and lifestyle. 

           The intended use of this video is to be sent out in to the community via social media with the target market being potential residents and the family of those residents. 

           This video will be 2-3 minutes long and consist of numerous interviews conducted at each site from all levels of staff. To maximize value and effectiveness, we would also incorporate launching the #HamletsFamily campaign. Having the video linked with #HamletsFamily will help it be found by anyone searching that hashtag.

             The video would be done in the same format as the one that has recently been created for The Hamlets at Vernon.





2) The Features and Benefits video

            The purpose of this video is to highlight the amenities and services of each location. With viewers already having an emotional connection from the first video, this video enforces that connection by showing that The Hamlets has everything required for them or their loved one to be properly cared for.

            The intended use of this video is to be hosted on each sites website and facebook page to give a basic overview of the amenities and services each site provides. This is not to take the place of the in person tour, rather answer some basic questions and requirements to help them feel good about booking a tour and walking in with a positive first impression. 

            Viewers will be guided through each property by professional narration detailing the amenities and services of each part of the building. This will essentially be a 2-3 minute condensed version of a site tour that will be available online 24/7 365 days a year.

           The video would be done in a very similar format to the following:

3) Site Photography

          Up to date pictures will also be taken of each property to update their websites and social media.  

Pictures will be taken of the following areas:

  • Exterior

  • Entrance/front desk

  • Dining room

  • Show suite

  • Common areas

  • Sample suites from each care level as required


        Thank you again for the opportunity to present this proposal.




For each site as follows:

1) A 2-3 Minute "Connection Video"

2) A 2-3 Minute "Virtual Tour"

3) New pictures

4) All travel expenses (not including hotels in Red Deer)

Media will be delivered within 2 weeks of the last shooting day

Project date


To be determined.


Time on site


To shoot the video content and photos would be 8 hours (1 full day) 9am to 5pm.




To reduce project costs I have quoted this project shooting all three Alberta sites during the same week over a 3 day span from Tuesday to Thursday. In addition, I have not included Hotels in the cost as I would be willing to spend the night before Each Red Deer shoot on site. I have accommodations in the Calgary area I can make use of for the Airdrie shoot. 

On-Site Requirements 


I would require to have each Community Relations Coordinator with me for the day to ensure that we get all the shots specific to their site. 



$3,245 for all Alberta deliverables (6 videos and 3 sets of pictures) 

Other Services In addition to the above 

 - Photo and Video deliverables package for Penticton - $1081.67

 - Photo and Video deliverables package for Kamloops - More Information Required

 - Drone Photography ( up to 5 pictures ) - $245 Per Site

 - Drone Video (To be worked into one or both of the videos) - $295 Per Site

 - Drone Photo and video package - $495 Per Site

*Please note that The Hamlets At Red Deer and The Hamlets at Penticton are in controlled airspace and will require 6-8 weeks prior notice to clear drone operations with NavCanada and the Airport, approval is not guaranteed.

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