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I have helped clients in the Okanagan and across Western Canada overcome obstacles and grow their business. 

What differentiates me from other videographers is that I take a strategic approach to video. My primary goal is to give you a tool that not only looks good but goes a step further and actually works for you to help grow your business.


We all know that video is the best form of media to grab someone's attention, but where other videos fall short is that they fail to do anything with that attention. To combat that, I bake purpose and engagement into my videos. This harnesses that attention into action, encouraging them to feel good about reaching out to you. 

I first start with the Goal - what you want to achieve. This becomes the sole purpose of the video. This gives the video a clear direction and maximizes efficiency. 

Our first interaction (after you fill out the Discovery Form below) is to book a strategy meeting (online or in-person). Here we identify those goals and then create strategies to achieve them. Working this way creates solutions that become true reusable long-term assets. Not a video that you use once and throw away. 

I will be guiding you through every step of the process and even support you after the video is delivered to implement it properly - Putting it to work and getting it in front of your potential customers. 


I invite you to take the time to fill out the Discovery Form below, to get the process started!

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